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Summer Party

Hold An Office Summer Party With The Grilled Cheese Truck

Most businesses put on a Christmas party for their staff to say thank you for all of their handwork and to allow them to let their hair down. While this is great, some firms are looking to enhance staff morale throughout the year by throwing a summer party. Say Thank You to Staff Saying thank […]

Baby Shower Catering

Grilled Cheese Truck Showcases Wonderful Experience On Baby Shower Catering

Grilled cheese truck food truck showcases huge inspiration for all those who want to celebrate the formal introduction of their first baby with lots of pomp and show. During baby shower catering commemoration, friends and relatives are invited over a sumptuous meal that includes Grilled cheese and Fries-n-more. Your temptation to self cater the meals […]

Grilled Cheese Truck

Trendiest Grilled Cheese Movement

The Grilled Cheese Truck is the trendiest food truck nationwide. Being voted the most influential food truck for two says a lot about these trendsetters. Don’t miss out on the best gourmet melt that L.A has to offer. The Grilled Cheese trucks add just the right touch to your next event. Stay in tune with […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Food Truck Catering for The Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are very popular across the world, none more so in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. For couples who are seeking a more relaxed wedding, a summer BBQ is often top of the list when it comes to wedding catering as it easy to arrange and is lots of fun. If you are […]

Grilled Cheese Truck

Pool Party Catering Options With The Grilled Cheese Truck

It’s summer time, which means only one thing—POOL PARTY! If you are planning the most epic of pool parties this year then you need to make sure that your guests are well looked after. When your guests attend your pool party you will want to be well stocked up on soft drinks and beer to […]

Grilled Cheese Truck

The Best Backyard Catering Ideas

If you love summer and love to hold parties in your backyard, or perhaps you just like having friends over without having to cook, you need to check out The Grilled Cheese truck. Food Truck Catering Rather then head to the supermarket for the same old supplies and to save hours slaving over the BBQ […]

delicious meals

Enjoy The Delicious Meals From Grilled Cheese Truck!

Looking for cheesy delightful dishes? If you have got unconditional love for cheesy dishes, then you can definitely get a wide range of cheese dishes in the menu that you can enjoy from grilled cheese truck. You can get any type of dish, such as: grilled cheese dishes, veggie grilled cheese, chicken melt etc. from […]

Food Truck Fundraiser

Food Truck Fundraiser: Why To Consider Grilled Cheese Truck?

Why to consider grilled cheese truck? There are many great reasons to consider grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser. Grilled Cheese truck is one of the most popular food truck in Los Angeles, therefore, when the non- profit organization opts for the grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser, they will be able to […]